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Antistatic & Esd control

Anti Static Aprons

Anti Static Floor Cleaning Solutions

Anti Static Gloves

Anti Static WristBand

Antistatic Bubble Bags

Antistatic Chair

Antistatic Fabric

Antistatic Finger cot

Antistatic Foam

Antistatic PE Bags

Antistatic PVC Mat

Antistatic Slippers

Antistatic Spray

Antistatic Utility Tapes

Common Ground point

Earth Bonding Plug

ESD Safe Field Service Kit

Ground Cord's

Static Control Heel Grounder

Static Dissipative PU Shoes

Static Shielding Bags


Black Conductive Bags

Black Conductive Foams

Conductive Component Rack

Conductive Part Bins

Conductive PC Rack

Conductive rub ber mat

Conductive Shipping Box

Conductive Slipper

Conductive Waste Bin

Moulded Conductive Containers

Clean Room Products

Cleanroom Chair

Cleanroom Disposable Latex Gloves


ESD Cabinet

Finger Cots

Nose Mask

Polyester Wipes

Shoe Cover

Sticky Mats


ESD Test Equipment

100V Surface Resistivity Meter

Analogue Foot Wear Tester

Analogue Static Meter

Cont-Wrist Strap Monitor

Digital Static Meter

Digital Surface Resistivity Meter

Voltage Checker With Hazard Alarm

Human Body Voltage Checker

LED LCD Surface Resistivity Meter

Static Alarm

Static Locator

Workstation Monitor WSM-04

Wrist Strap & Foot Wear

Wrist strap tester

Antistatic Work Station

Antistatic Work Station Simple

Antistatic Work Station

Modular Antistatic Work Station

Static Neutralizer & Ionizers

Bench Top Air Ionizer

Bench Top Ionizer

Ionizing Air Gun

Over Head Ionizer


Conductive Fabric Gaskets

Connector Gaskets

Foil Gaskets

Metal Tapes


Eye Protection

Head Protection

Hearing Protection

Nylon PU Coated Glove

Protective Spectacle

Safety Glove

Flame proof torch & Humidifier


Pelican 2450

Pelican 8040

Pelican 2640