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Clean Room Products

Cleanroom Chair

Cleanroom Disposable Latex Gloves


ESD Cabinet

Finger Cots

Nose Mask

Polyester Wipes

Shoe Cover

Sticky Mats



Cleanroom Chair :

• Class 10 and Class 100 compatible

• Alcohol resistant, Anti-bacterial and Stain-proof

• Adjustable seat height

• Ideal for Medical and Cleanroom environment


Cleanroom Disposable Latex Gloves :

• Made from pure latex of highest quality compounded in-house from formulation and process consistency

• Offer superior resistance to dilute acids and alkalis, abrasive force and tearing

• Provide optimal tactile sensitivity, long-term comfort and dexterity

• Show significantly low extractable level

• Applicable in Class 100 or better clean rooms where critical applications are not carried out • Ideal for disk-drive and related industries (HGA, HAS etc)


Dispenser :

• Prevent spills, dripping and escaping fumes that will indirectly endanger the operations

• To have a better working environment from toxic fumes and solvent vapour like alcohol, acetone, alkalis etc

• Easy to use by tapping the dispenser

• Contamination free

• Glass material is used so that contents are known at a glance

• One way valve prevents the contents to flow back into the main ‘reservoir’

• Anti Static Dispenser with Surface Resistivity 109 – 1011 Ω/ sq is also available


ESD Cabinet :

• Cabinets provided without any humidity reduction system

• Dissipative ESD coating, mild steel frame

• Glass window

• 3 dimensions available

• Additional shelves in option


Finger Cots:

• Designed to provide sensitive touch for work in electronics and other fields

• A proprietary ‘washed’ process leaves no free radical reactive sites and low NVR

• Tapered design eliminates air space at tip

• Thinner ring-roll, unroll and cut from reduces finger comfort and fatigue

• Packed in clean environment


Nose Mask:

• Made from 2 or 3 layers of spun bonded non-woven, thermally sealed waffle pattern polypropylene microfibers

• Provide excellent filtration and absorption

• Hypoallergenic that prevents irritation and allergy problems to sensitive skins

• A nose piece is embedded on the upper side of the double or three-ply face mask to ensure a closer contact of the mask to the nose


Polyester Wipes & Micro Denier :

• Knitted light-weight wipers made from 100% polyester

• Economical choice between non-woven and high micro-fibre wipes

• Durable

• Soft and non-abrasive

• Excellent water and oil absorption


Shoe Cover :

• Cabinets provided without any humidity reduction system

• Dissipative ESD coating, mild steel frame

• Glass window

• 3 dimensions available

• Additional shelves in option


Sticky Mats Disposable Sticky Mats :

• A stack of polyethylene film sheets with a specially treated pressure sensitive adhesives on one side

• Remove contamination on contact

• Peel to expose clean surface (eliminating cleaning and washing)

• Use with or without frame

• Slip-proof

• Non-contaminating

• Will not be damaged by footwear or wheels

• Full adhesive bottom holds floor securely yet easy to remove and leaves no residue

• Full size for every sheet – no sloping sides to reduce overall coverage and creates crevasses for catching contamination

• Numbered corner tabs for easy removal of used sheet



TYVEK Smock :

• Made to protect workers from hazardous (dry and wet) materials

• Tyvek material is made from high density polyethylene fibers

• Combines some of the physical properties of paper, film and cloth

• Provides no particles and is silicone-free