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Humidifier :

Air humidifier is based on the rotating disc splash plate principal. It produce only super fine particles of micron size, which become part of the atmosphere, thereby reaching every corner of the room, resulting in uniform humidity. Due to upward thrust imparted to the micron sized water droplets, by high speed motorized unit, they remain suspended in the atmosphere for longer duration of time and do not form droplets. Due to high vapor gradient it quickly dissipates evenly to every corner of the room. The unit is capable of atomizing up to 5 liters of water in an hour at full evaporation in the driest possible ambient conditions. The unit has body made up of S.S. The unit is provided with high speed 2800 RPM motor to run longer period, and the blades are aerodynamically balanced to ensure drop less humidification.


Type of equipment : Cup type atomizer
Maximum height : 380 mm
Outer diameter : 390 mm
Weight with sump : 9 kgs(approx)
Electrical : 230V,50
Connecting load : 100 W
Rating : Continuous duty
Evaporation capacity : 5 liters max in driest condition
Speed of the motor : 2800 rpm
Tub capacity : 5 liters


Pelican 2450 Flame Proof Torches :

StealthLite™ Rechargeable 2450 The rechargeable version of the StealthLite 2400. The 2450 provides a consistently bright Xenon beam after every charge. It is submersible to 500 feet and corrosion proof. The charger base unit can be installed at home or work using the 220V transformer. Or in a vehicle through direct wiring or 12V plug-in. It comes with a long-life rechargeable NiMH battery pack, but 4 AA alkaline cells can also be used.

Light Source Tested Lumen Value Tested Lux Value
Xenon 28.0 4,800
Batteries Battery Burn Time Battery Pack/Charging Time
4 AA NiMH (Included) 4 hrs NiMH Battery Pack 2-3 hrs
Watts Voltage  
2.6 6  
Length Weight w/Batteries Weight w/o Batteries
6.5" (16.5 cm) 7.8 oz. (0.22 kg) 4.4 oz. (0.12 kg)


Pelican 8040 Flame Proof Torches :

The 8040 uses a high-pressure Xenon fired lamp module that produces a powerful, bright, high intensity light. Unlike other flashlights that project a broad yellow beam, the M10 produces a tight white pre-focused beam. It comes with a polarity guard tray that makes operating the flashlight impossible if cells are inverted and prevents dangerous outgassing. The light weight Xenoy body with sure-grip sheath resists chemicals and prevents slippage. The push button switch operates easily, even when wearing thick gloves. The M10 8040 is built tough to withstand the hard knocks that come in the plant, around the beat or on patrol. Powered by 4 C alkaline cells. Minimum Pack 1 ea. Packaged Weight: 10.7 oz.

Light Source Tested Lumen Value Tested Lux Value
Xenon 72.0 7,000
Batteries Battery Burn Time Battery Pack/Charging Time
4 C Alkaline (Not included) 8 hrs N/A
Watts Voltage  
4.8 6  
Length Weight w/Batteries Weight w/o Batteries
11.25" (28.6 cm) 18.4 oz. (0.52 kg) 11.04 oz. (0.31 kg)


Pelican 2640 Flame Proof Torches:

HeadsUp Lite 2640 The 2640 is a powerful Halogen/LED combo hands-free light for any task, big or small. Flip the switch up and you've got 3 LEDs: bright and efficient. Perfect for close-up work and tasks that require intense white light. For jobs that demand a powerful beam, flip the switch down for the halogen mode. Cut through thick smoke and dust. The body is tough ABS resin that's corrosion proof and resistant to extreme temperatures. The 90° pivoting head allows you to aim light right where you need it. The light weight battery pack houses 4 AA alkaline cells (included). The 2640 comes with a rubber strap for hard hat use and an adjustable cloth strap for bare head. Minimum Pack 1 ea. Packaged Weight: 15.2 oz.