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Conductive Fabric Gaskets

Connector Gaskets

Foil Gaskets

Metal Tapes


Conductive Fabric Gaskets :

Soft Shield is an HF shielding gasket with high shielding performance and extremely low closure force. This prevents deflection of doors/parts, which improves shielding effectiveness. The core consists of a high-grade polyurethane foam core with a maximum compression of 80%, Soft Shield is covered with a highly conductive and wear & tear resistant metallized fabric


Connector Gaskets :

The connector gaskets are die-cut gaskets for EMI shielding and grounding of a wide range of connectors. These new connector gaskets are more effective in closing gaps caused by fabrication tolerances and misaligned or irregular surfaces than would be possible with a solid flange design


Foil Gaskets :

Many shielding problems can be solved easily by the use of conductive foils. Not only can they be used even for shielding large rooms but also for small plastic enclosures. Some of the most commonly used materials are reinforced Amucor foil and mu-copper foil, with or without (conductive) self-adhesive and insulation


Metal Tapes :

Standard are the 16.5 meter rolls. A width of 25 mm is the most common used size

There are three types of metal tape

Copper tape

Tinned copper tape

Aluminum tape